Build Type – Utility Dormers

The basics of our SINGLE SLOPE SHEDS

The Single Slope Shed features a lean-to roof design that allows it to blend seamlessly into your property’s landscape, with its back positioned against a tree line or property boundary. Additionally, the shed’s front side is elevated and can incorporate horizontal windows that provide ample natural light. This type of shed is particularly useful when you require storage space but have limited options due to obstructions such as fences, trees, or property edges. Our Single Slope Shed is ENGINEER CERTIFIED!

  • Single slope roof style
  • 3/12 pitch
  • Rear wall height: 75in – 76.5in (depending on siding chosen)
  • Front wall height: Minimum 100in (increases with shed width)

available sizes on our SINGLE SLOPE SHEDS

Below you will see the standard sizes that our Single Slope Sheds are built in. There are occasions where we are able to build them with some basic size modifications, but that must be discussed with your local dealer and shop to see if your modifications fall within the parameters of the Backyard Outfitters factory in your area. The basic Single Slope Shed sizes are:

8′ x 12′
8′ x 16′
10’ WIDE
10‘ x 10’
10’ x 12’
10’ x 14’
10’ x 16’
10’ x 20’
12′ WIDE
12′ x 16′
12′ x 20′
12′ x 24′
12′ x 28′
12′ x 32′
12′ x 36′
12′ x 40′
14′ WIDE
14′ x 24′
14′ x 28′
14′ x 32′
14′ x 36′
14′ x 40′

Backyard Outfitters and its associates are not responsible for permits, covenant searches, restrictions, setbacks, yard damage, or underground damage. Please contact your local Building Inspector or Homeowners Association for information. It is the customer’s responsibility to decide if ground conditions are unsuitable for delivery. Free setup and delivery include leveling the building, starting with one corner at ground level and raising it up to a maximum of two (2) feet. If leveling requires one (1) foot or less, pressure-treated wood may be used. Otherwise, the customer may supply concrete blocks which are placed on top of the ground, or our delivery drivers can supply concrete blocks for a fee (check with the driver or dealer for prices). Free delivery covers one trip up to thirty (30) miles one way. Anything over 30 miles is subject to an additional charge. The customer will be responsible to pay the delivery driver for any additional mileage charge as well as the cost of any additional trips to set up or level the building.

Please Note: Not all products, materials and sizes are available in all areas. Call us for details





Portable Building Buying Guide

It is hard to know where to start when shopping for a new portable building. To help with that, we have created a Portable Building Buying Guide. In it you will find resources that will help you learn all about building styles, building finishes & mistakes to avoid when purchasing your next shed. Don’t wait… It’s FREE…download it by clicking below.

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